This condition occurs with many scenarios within the course of one's life in response to:

  • or because of interaction with viruses, or other infections
  • in peri-menopause in response to proteolytic (protein-dissolving effects of excess pituitary hormones)
  • in response to being an electrical field
  • at the time of ovulation
  • in response to prolonged stress and/or adrenal exhaustion
  • when there is excessive insulin manufactured

If any organ becomes hyperpermeable there can be some pretty significant consequences. Perhaps the worst is when the large intestine moves in that direction. Normall, the bowel is permeable exuding the outward to electrolytes and water largely. When the wastes weep (like a soaker hose rather than a garden hose) into the surrounding peritoneal cavity the lymph become toxic perhaps with infective agents inhabiting the bowel, the toxins they might emit in the course of their metabolism, nitrogen wastes and God knows what else.

When the kidneys become hyperpermeable, often protein excesses enter the urine (bubbles). Hyperpermeable could just as easily be translated as fragilization and is associated with aging in general. This exercise seems quite effective many hyperpermeable states.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: If the causative agent is not brought in to balance, the exercise maybe necessary on a regular basis.

To do exercise:
Place hand, tumb-side touching body, with pinkie up in the air -- perpendicular to body. (The reflexes are 1-inch spheres that are taking up the space from 2 - 3 inches off the body on either side of the angle of Luis). Aim from there to the right obturator foramen. Place other hand on hyperpermeable site, the reflex for it if you know it, or imagin hand over entire body.