Artwork is a bridge for me between the world of ideas and the world of physical reality; the world of spirit and the activity of creation in progress.

For me, an overarching theme, whether in individual portraiture, meetings between beings, landscape or architecture is the interaction that is present in the relationship between the physically manifest and what lives in the soul/spirit (which is depicted in the background and surround). They continually interact with and meet with each other in the being, in the becoming and in the formative etching of one out of the elements of the other.

Living into and meditating on the forces of beings and places that I love out of history is an enrichment of engrossing and stunning proportion. What the beings made of the canvass of their lives with the palette they were given is a subject of which I have thus far never tired. I am someone who loves the story of others and the gems contained within it.

Further activity is required to bring deeper understanding to the confluence of beings and events that surround us on our journey through life. The mysteries of what arises from within a being in a timely fashion, and how this can dovetail with the spirit of the age to bring a task to fruition, is a wealth in itself. Biography itself is a work of art made manifest.

If there is a will these paintings provide a space for the continuing activity of their subject, as well as for the soul-spiritual education of the beholder. Each of the paintings has a unique destiny...